Monday, November 07, 2005

Search Help or Input help

I has this doubt from long time.. Got solved today.

Case is like this:

I have 2 fields on the screen:
- MTART ( Material Type)

When I give a particular Material Type in MTART and press F4 on MATNR all the material of that particular MTART should only be displayed .. and not all the materials.

Solution for this:

Create a search help with MATNR and MTART
MATNR as both IMPORT/EXPORT parameter and MTART as IMPORT parameter.

Create a Z table with these 2 fields and attach the same search help to both of them.
Create screen fields by referencing the above Z table.

The system will automatically do the required job. When attach the seach help directly to the screen field.. it does not work.

Please refer SAP Document : Link

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