Sunday, August 07, 2005

Abstract Accepted for IBM Sharenet


Every year IBM Conducts Sharenet for all the Competencies. This time SAP Sharenet is scheduled on 25th Aug. Center of Competency had called for abstracts last month. I had submitted mine too.. There were about 130 submission. 8 were selected out of them. I am proud to say that mine was one of the selected abstract. It was on EBP Shopping cart approval. If you remember I had submitted an ICM on this also .. More details are here ..

Now I have to work on this and prepare a presentation and submit by 10th Aug. The venue of the event --> ITC Hotel Windsor Sheraton & Towers :-) All big shots and tech guru would be there n that seminar.. I need to prepare very well .. It will be 40 min session from me.. 30 presentation and 10 min Q&A.. Wish me guys ..

Here is the Link for the Abstract ---> EBP Shopping Cart n-step Dynamic Parallel Approval - An Abstract

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

What do I write most ... What do I work on more..

My Expertise

Have you heard of workflows.. Have you ever used a system where in series of workprocesses that run behind the scene integrated together?
To give an exaple.. You want to create a leave requisition in the system.. Once leave is created in the system, it automatically sends a mail to your manager for approval. Manger takes some action on it.. which make . If manager rejects it comes back on employees's and he can modify. This is a simple exampe for a workflow.. Like Lotus notes, MS Outlook and other applications, SAP also has given workflow support for its applications. My core area is on SAP-Workflow..

Problem - Subworkflow

Yesterday my colleague, Ashok asked me to help on his fishy problem.. He had a subworkflow placed in a parent workflow as the step. When executed the parent workflow, the subworkflow was not starting at all. It was actually skipping that step and the Workflow simply completed. After a long R&D I came to know about a new concept.

Table-Driven Dynamic Parallel Processing

Each step can be associated with a Multiline Element and the step would be executed in parallel as many times as the number of elements in the internal table "MultilineElement" specified in the "Other" Tab of the step ... as shown below


And in the binding definiiton we can access the particular instance of the object by using the following syntax ..


More info at SAP Help

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

SAP Techie..

Hi reader ..

why this blog... Basically I am an SAP Practitioner. Being a continous learner I keep updating myself from Trainings, Self study, Discussions and ofcourse experience.
I want to blog whatever I know/ what ever I learn from now.. Thats the motive to start this blog.

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